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Congratulations and a warm welcome to our incoming Director of the Postgraduate Centre July 2017 – Dr Declan Byrne

A note from the Director…

This institution embodies the principle that a “community produces most that which it honours most”. We honour teaching and training. We honour collegiality and interdisciplinary working. We honour dignity, respect and support. This, amongst many other reasons, is why St James’s Hospital is a great place to work. In fact, many people find that they are drawn to return here as their careers progress in a way, perhaps, redolent of a professional “Camino de Santiago”..

We would like to thank all of those who have worked so hard over the last clinical year and made a contribution to the work of the hospital. We wish them well in their new roles and hold a warm welcome for them when they return. For those of your joining us, particularly our new Interns and those of your working in SJH for the first time, you are very welcome. WE will be busy!

There are over 23,000 admissions and 150,000 outpatient attendances waiting for us. We will be part of these stories yet to be told. Let us make it a positive experience for them and offer the best of ourselves and this institution in their time of need.

Best Wishes
Dr Declan Byrne

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