Welcome to the Trinity BST Scheme!

Over the following pages, you will learn about the specialties and rotations available, as well as the training that is on offer at each hospital.

This is an exciting point in your career, with more independence in decision-making, increased responsibility, and ample opportunity to improve your leadership skills. It is also the time where you hone your clinical abilities and consider embarking upon the path of your chosen specialty.  During your 2 years on the scheme, there will be lots of training, both for exams and for career planning.  Apart from specialty teaching, multidisciplinary meetings and x-ray conferences, there will be Consultant-led beside tutorials for MRCPI exams, formal lectures (‘SHOwTime’), weekly Grand Rounds and Medical Update sessions, in addition to opportunities to do some clinical research and submit case presentations for prizes (eg Eoin B Casey Medal).   We hope that by the end of your BST training, you will feel confident in your clinical abilities and look forward to higher specialist training in your favourite field of medicine.

Please feel free to approach me or any of the staff in the Post-Graduate Centre if you have any questions.  We also welcome feedback and use this information, where possible, to constantly improve our training.

We look forward to meeting you.

Professor Gaye Cunnane,

Director of Post Graduate Education/Regional Director of Basic Specialist Training